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To change their lifestyles to use less plastic packaging
2012/12/14 15:57:37
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liquor plasticizer storm ignited some consumers are concerned about: daily life in many common foods,Drug use plastic packaging, will also contain plasticizers?storage box Impact on health will it? Consumers how to use plastic packaging? This reporter interviewed some experts.

We seem to have become shopping bag accustomed to using plastic bags of food, whether it is breakfast, snacks, fruit, etc., usually in plastic containers tools. In addition, plastic cups, plastic gloves and other supplies can often be seen in the life. These products contain plasticizers? China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said Liao, plasticizing additives, add this substance in the plastic processing flexibility enhancements can make it easy to process. Such as polyvinyl chloride, in order to made ​​of soft plastic products (such as raincoats or slippers) must be added plasticizers. But not necessarily all plastics are added plasticizing agents, generally in poor flowability of the plastic processing only add.



Author: Huzhou jihe package products Co., Ltd.
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