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Yingde hemp bamboo leaves lift ecological packaging tide font size
2012/11/9 13:46:21
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Newspaper Qingyuan (Reporter correspondent Cao Jing Huang Zhensheng, Shi Jianhua photo coverage) the green bamboo leaves is a treasure, a rich Yingde City non-woven fabric Mountain Ma bamboo leaves are popular in northern food market, wrapped food in hot demand.

The Bamboo Plantation Yingde local bamboo farmers to sell bamboo income generation. Shoots agricultural unexpected, but due to the generous latiflorus mesophyll odor Sunny, and contains large amounts of flavonoids phenolic, anthraquinone shopping bag  compounds bioactive polysaccharides, coumarin lactone, special amino acids and other trace elements such as , green hemp bamboo leaves with green pollution-free concept Jih Sun popularity instead of plastic bags, gradually favored by consumers, to become dumplings and other parcels of food materials, the farmers are pleased to say that, did not expect the bamboo leaves can making money.

Author: Huzhou jihe package products Co., Ltd.
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