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Special collections of protection
2010/12/11 1:05:39
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1. Light is the collection the damage is gradually accumulate and be aware of not easily, so the impact of light should be minimized.
Avoid direct sunlight on display in organic matter, even for a short time; also should avoid. Use uv filtering film blocked from fluorescent lamp and outdoor ultraviolet ray, try to use white light. But don't put artwork stored near 100 lamp place show, because a. dahurica lamp can emit heat. Most of the light damage sensitive collection should not long time display, should its regular rotation.
2. Will collections in relative humidity and temperature appropriate environment
The basement attic garage relative humidity and temperature is unstable, appear easily dramatically changed. Don't put vulnerable collections on near the fireplace, air conditioning export, light can point-blank places and the bathroom. Should try to prevent the growth of mould and harmful activities. Organic matter should be kept in a stable environment, relative humidity should be controlled in 50%. In the hot summer should guarantee cooling air and good circulation system. In humid regions should use desiccant. In dry season and sorching summer, use portable evaporate ware humidification device.
3. Try to reduce air pollution
Through regular upgrades and cleaning the heater and air conditioning. Paper and textile should park in glass so they'll from dust acid corrosion and abrasion. Don't put on display collections in the kitchen and fire place. In your collection surrounding should limit use new wood binder new carpet and chemicals. Should avoid to use injection polish and contain silicone products in furniture for use on film should not exceed one year, daily cleaning should use the tide of cotton-padded jacket content, magnetic cleasing and soft natural wool to brush.
4. Reduce harmful animal activity
Careful management and appropriate warehouse can make collections from harmful animal damage. Organic don't display storage in humid conditions, not in its surrounding store food. One year should be inspected at least once tasted, see whether any traces of insect activities, such as larvae, powdery deposit, small hole and so on, if has these marks will be immediately will collections into a sealed non-woven fabric, and consider the solution.
5. Know how to move collection
Many manuscripts than we imagine fragile. The move before collection should be carefully observed circumstances and size. Be sure your ability alone move it, such as powerless to move should can receive timely help. The move collections shall, before the first place to clear out the collections of place. Move the hand should be dry clean collection when no liquid, had better use clean cotton or plastic gloves. Move small or light collections, should be used to protect mat plates and basket. People on the skin sour oil and salt can make JinShuQi loses luster and corrosion of metal vessels, lacquer ware, and other such as porous ceramics also can cause damage. Lift sculpture when must hold the bottom or subject, never to grasp the protruding. Carry furniture should palm its bottom, don't grasp its appendages, such as leg, etc. Mobile vertical have outer frame works of art should live box torre safe place. Don't touch the canvas positive and back, touch will lead to the cracks and other damage. Should be cleaner alcohol or the insecticide was put away from art place. When oil painting and other items surface in good condition can be used when the natural soft brush to clean, do not use a feather duster to clean, because they will canvas of a small pieces (some of them in oil painting in the surface of the small sew) sweep away. In the mobile jewelry and horological before, should first cleaned the surrounding objects, ensure in mobile collection when buttons buckles and its her attachments without and mobile collection is linked together, should maintain collections surface cleaning, don't and key pieces tools and writing utensils put together.
6. How to display collections
Should ensure paintings and other belt casing exhibits hanging equipment of strong and security. Artwork using appropriate framework crisp fragile collection should be far away from vulnerable to hit the region. Exhibits should be put in special glass. Don't use sticky will not stable inorganic sticky on a shelf or other surfaces.
7. Collections of collection
Carefully choose some items to display and collect your collection, make them with collections in harmony. Wood, wood and many expressement wood paper products contain harmful acids, therefore not applied to protect artifacts, because they can accelerate to collections of damage and make collection surface appear spots. The commissions.the storage file storage box and paper, paper pulp manufacture these because all the processing. These products can be used in the buffer and the cushion structure. For many paper is concerned, buffer products is the best choice. The buffer products are applicable to photos, wool, silk and skin of micro acid items.
Use by museum staff or safekeeping researchers recommend file type materials to build complete photo files will be DangAnCe or existing inert plastic envelope, should record accurately collections of each feature.
Some types of plastic storage products may be for your photo slideshow and film damage. Voting is stable plastic, such as polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene and polycarbonate. You should not use a tetrafluoroethylene polymers, chloride plastic and belt viscous album can't let collection direct contact with rubber belt, rubber adhesives and other binder and namely label statue of clay and other clay. Don't use foam rubber polyurethane foam rubber newspaper or wood wool to package or filling collection. Can use professional WenBao products manufacturers provide safety polyethylene bubble.
Storage box of 3d objects should be enough space. Don't in a box storage overmuch goods. Use neutral thin gauze or without rinse fine cotton cloth items separated, these cambric application, and LiangBian washing machine with soap, one need not, dry use. If textiles need folding shall be fitted thin gauze fabrics, lest produce permanent creases.
Use washed soft cambric and neuter gauze protection cannot be packed in boxes of large goods. Add the casing outside of art should be vertical collection mutual separated file cardboard application.
Metal collection should be kept in dry environment in order to avoid make silver loses luster in storage silver should be used when the cloth is also applicable to the jewelry store or the acid buffer gauze fabrics. Crayons and TanBi sketch and other surface sent fragile antiguos need special treatment, should be consulted with the full-time preservation member.







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