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Supermarkets sell cosmetics but with the food sack
2010/12/9 0:07:37
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Recently, ms. Li to our call hotline, tells her in the supermarket buy cosmetics encountered in confusion. Not long ago, ms. Li in a large supermarket in southwest sihuan bought some well-known brand in domestic cosmetics department of skincare products, this zone cashier personnel but in the checkout will protect skin to taste packed in plastic bag bag white food on not only printed with "profession", "also mark food preservation temperature. Ms. Li think, supermarkets such an approach is not standard.
Subsequently, the reporter comes to ms. Li said supermarkets were investigated. Through the observation of cosmetics cashier, the reporter sees, buy it here cosmetics fee, customer officer will give the customer with the white plastic bag packing.
Journalists to some brand inquiries, guide the cosmetics department said, shop can offer customers shopping bag company equipped with paper, but reporter discovery, the initiative to customers with excellent rarely paper bag, even provides, the customer still take the purchased goods to the cashier's packaging products to take away.
Is whether we should offer customers counters brand shopping bags this problem, the reporter connected to the cosmetics gz after-sales service charge, "counters dealers of cosmetic bags includes two parts, one side by the headquarters provide, the other part of the dealer to headquarters side buy anything." The official told reporters say: "dealers in the specific problem counters, such as whether to provide customers shopping bags, these are not belong to our headquarters pipe."
Journalists are providing brand shop counters shopping bag problem consulting legal experts, this personage expresses according to the law of the People's Republic of China on the protection of consumers' rights, operator need to ensure cosmetics itself and the outer packing intact, but operator not to offer consumers cosmetics shopping bags of obligations.
"Those printed with brand logo bag is only manufacturer's advertising products, do not belong to cosmetics necessary packaging," the lawyer further explained: "consumers to buy the product fees are not included in the shopping bag making brand, so the operator does not provide bag didn't constitute infringement to consumers.
According to this problem, also have the personage inside course of study thinks, at present the supermarket shopping although no longer offer free shopping bags, but the plastic limit to not focused on supermarket provided direct food packaging of even roll plastic bags, many supermarket "even the volume plastic bags" has become a regulatory blind area, whether supermarket staff and consumers are free to use.
Therefore, the cosmetics department in the supermarket alone when settle accounts, use within the profession or other volumes plastic bags, unavoidably let consumers doubt, so, the operator should pay attention to these problems, strengthen management.







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