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Lead element health hazard environmental protection bags is at risk
2010/12/9 0:00:14
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People under the arm with reusable shopping bags of environmental protection seems to have become the symbol of environmental protection. But this in high-end market of environmental protection bags, there may be a huge public relations problem in America because some cities, such shopping bags contain lead the element.
New yorkers Jane ・ bullone Stan (Bluestein) said: "Jen previously said plastic bags is bad, now environmental protection bags also wrong. What kind of worse? Environmental protection is a kind of trend, people follow trend, using it as a kind of fashion, may be bought more than 50 environmental protection bags. But I think that people do not know the true facts exactly what it is."
According to the New York times reported, at present there is no evidence that environmental protection bags to public constitutes a direct threat. But recent across the United States shopping bags, environmental protection report shows that may contain dangerous dose of lead element. Some environmental protection bags processes may jeopardize groundwater, In addition, over time, shopping bags, peeling paint will directly into contact with food. A home grocery chain was in September recalled thousands from renewable plastic production of environmental protection bags.
Because the public security problems of environmental protection bags of worry, there has been rising senator specially written the United States food and drug administration, urged the organization investigation of this problem.
Many shoppers voiced concern. Customer ・ shelly doppler Shelley Kempner nano (will) said, choose shopping bag because she "environmental protection will approve of not more plastic throw into the environment of ideas", but she complained, "(health hazard) is really a bad news, we didn't do right things. Environmental protection bags were not good enough, and maybe also let us use twine bag?"
However alternative energy adviser Barry ・ le borscht (Lebost) to the environmental protection bags Barry doesn't bother found lead, he said: "everything in existence problem. Environmental protection bags may not be an integral solution, but it is moving in the right direction step of the way. Like we use now fluorescent, they are not perfect, because contain mercury. We can take it as a transitional."
However, many consumers said in more information disclosure, before they will continue to rely on environmental protection shopping bags.







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