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Vanguard's advocate environmental life with empty moon cake box can change environmental shopping bags
2010/12/7 1:07:33
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The Mid-Autumn festival in China after the Spring Festival's second-largest traditional festival, is always attracted much attention and attention day, admire circle month, eating moon cakes, anniversary reunion, avers is the main way of Mid-Autumn festival celebrations. But with the recent mooncakes luxury package, the excessive packing has become more serious. Although our country since 2005, successively promulgated a moon cake compulsory state standard "and" limit commodity excessive packing general rules "and other provisions, banned mooncakes excessive packing and sell etc. Bad behavior, but every year there are still a lot of exquisite moon cake box become waste is discarded, and finally with no receive proper recycling, caused a waste of resources and environmental pollution.
Vanguard's as national retail leader. Ersistence fully exert retail enterprises as the production and consumption of central advantages and strengthen the connection to the whole society environmental protection and energy saving guidance, demonstration and role, increasing to environmental protection and energy saving products publicity and marketing efforts. Vanguard's annual will require the moon cakes according to the national standard of mooncakes supplier for packaging, and advocating choosing environmental protection recyclable materials for packaging. Insist for a long time and actively participate in quality improvement, environmental protection and energy saving on social and ecological environment favorable career vanguard's, the hope can through such activities, will convey the concept of environmental protection to each partner. Starting from 2007, vanguard's Mid-Autumn festival held annually in recycling moon cake box of environmental protection commonweal activities, redemption products and environmental protection actions every year attracts numerous citizen participation. This year, the vanguard's will in the Mid-Autumn festival in national stores carry out before and after continue vanguard's fourth recycling moon cake box activities, on September 23 - September 30th at the vanguard's all stores, customers shall but by day cashier list and two sets of moon cake box (limited cartons, iron boxes) in Tibet dress bag a redemption environmental protection.
Environmental protection is a thing is closely related with everyone, but also one of the great things from the side with little things, it is something needs long-term importunate conducted difficult. Vanguard's heartfelt called on the whole society to join hands for the realization of green environmental protection, sustainable development and diligently.







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