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Environmental shopping bag gradually left out
2010/12/7 0:58:53
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From June 1, 2008 began, bazaar, supermarket rural fairs commodities such as plastic shopping bags retail sites implement system of paid use play now, "environmental protection shopping wind" continuous is not a long time. 5th, the reporter shopping in ginza supermarket shopping at the entrance to see, put non woven bag of shelf alone stood there, 20 minutes, only one hundred consumers purchase.
Shopping malls in xicheng ginza floor supermarket doorway, the reporter sees in the supermarket shopping basket, beside, with environmental protection bags, displaying the shelves of "please use environmental protection shopping bags, protect the environment and save resources" slogan very eye-catching, and the reporter in the supermarket stood at the entrance to a full 20 minutes of time, enter the door to buy environmental protection bags of consumers, however, only 1, buy finish of consumer goods are using plastic bags carrying bags to leave.
Reporter in the supermarket found, take environmental protection bags person numbered, basically be 559 years old in old people.
Dongying city several large supermarket's principal says to the reporter, feel most common people still didn't seriously rise. The plastic limit to just when implemented, common people very recognition, but until now because buy environmental shopping bags so few people, some supermarkets has stopped selling.
Shopping malls king silver competent said: "with 2-5 pieces of environmental protection bags compared to 1-3 MAO's use of plastic shopping bags and ??? has dropped 1/3." In the supermarket shopping bag at the entrance of environmental protection is sold by the ginza headquarters unified customized according to their monthly sales situation to replenish onr and replenishment. According to the king, said a year ago with competent shopping bags of consumer shopping bag much more special, environmental protection also had many brand trademark, and till now, shopping bags of sale of environmental protection and entered the sluggish growth.







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