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Wal-mart supermarket trolley not let go out shopping bags go shopper: carry in the parking lot
2010/12/2 18:15:19
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"Bought a lot of things, cart only to the door, and will have to carry the past." According to citizens reflect, recovers walmart pioneer road store door, cart don't allow parking lot push to store edge, and only to the door, shopping after "the inhabitants of goodie" unarmed non-woven fabric to carry only walked to the parking lot, feel very inconvenient.
Out driving shopping, convenient and quick, has gradually become more and more citizen habit. But, in wal-mart pioneer road shop, because shopping cart cannot launch store door, many shopping more citizens can looking at full stop shopping cart and far outside your ride shook his head, many people would become "thousand-handed-and-eyed-guanyin avalokitesvara.
On November 22, the reporter comes to wal-mart store door, see pioneer road from supermarket door probably 3 meters around the place up, the arc of iron pile segregation. Customers come here, shopping cart items will unload, unarmed to his car.
Reporters at the supermarket door see, checkingtheir have citizens outta shopping carts walked out, the basic filled all goods. Just bought finish things came out of the supermarket curve lady told reporters: "our car is in the east of the existing parking lot, take so much walking past, the feeling is quite strenuous." Citizens Mr Yang has some helplessly say: "I buy so much stuff, cart also don't let the forefinger, only can let the person help I watched, twice the things across."
As we have learned, in Harbin each big supermarket, shopping cart not allow launched phenomenon exists generally. Only dozens of step, supermarket why able to provide such convenient? The reporter questions the wal-mart store administrative department leader pioneer road manager Yang. Yang managers explained: shopping cart, each machine high cost about 1100 to 1200 yuan between, if no such action, every month is about to lose 40-50 Taiwan around -- for supermarkets, it is a not small losses.
Facing the concept of isolation, customers can abandon pile shopping cart.







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