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"Environmental protection calendar shopping bag change non-woven
2010/12/2 18:12:40
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Although New Year from 2011, but also some day in the provincial capital calendar market already moves. Reporter yesterday interview found, 2011 new non-woven calendar, after you use when shopping bag, can use this set ornamental, practical, environmental protection at a suit shopping bag calendars just on the market, has attracted citizens' eye.
"Environmental protection calendar shopping bag change
Calendar is seasonal products, calendars sales peak general since November, and many businessmen from the early October began batch restocked. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter sees in big dongmen a gift shop, 2011 calendar has come. In addition to offer some hot stamping calendar, ou horizontal double calendar, gold foil calendar, craft calendar outside, a low carbon environmental protection of non-woven calendar has attracted public attention.
The reporter sees, this kind of non-woven calendar colors varied, in traditional calendar function, added popular environmental elements, with non-woven shopping bag instead of the original paper, non-woven bag on the printed exquisite design and a calendar. According to the inn introduction, calendar, after using rear screws removed, page can be unloaded, when shopping bag respectively using, practical, beautiful, and very individualize.
The interview, surnamed Chen told reporters that this paper prices, with non-woven alternative paper making calendar, being green and to reduce costs, each such non-woven calendar sale price range from a few dollars to several decades dollars.








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