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Wind crazy sweeps the fallen leaf busy meshach sanitation workers
2010/11/30 0:49:31
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Winter night wind, withering of countless midsummer season had bring endless shady leaves, xian city streets paved a thin layer of "leaves", trample on carpet "rustle" away, can't help letting person relaxed and happy. Just, these litter of "life" but virtually increased the sanitation workers working strength. Yesterday morning, the reporter found that more than visit xian road sections, each tree dense sanitation workers more than 120 meters of cleaning area, everyday can collect more than 300 catties leaves.
Yesterday morning, the reporter first came to too b road and build tung crossroads, see a male and a female two sanitation workers, are using big broom, dress bag, tricycle tools such as collecting pavement litter leaves. They were the first to use big broom pavement of the fallen leaves to the side of the road, and with the multi-point centralized way, will sweep a in advance a heap of deciduous, pushing the capacious space. Then, one open big sacks, one hands "bear-hug" will leaves to jam woven inside. Just a moment, two people together, whole cleaned 3 big sacks leaves.
Visit, reporter in west shadow road, xianning road, YouYiLu etc. Several sections see every 1200 meters, there is the sanitation workers busy scene. Talk in a way, too b the sanitation workers, told reporters he cleaning area more than 120 meters, much when one day can sweep out dozen sacks leaves. "A bag of probably can have more than 30 jins, i.e. one day I this section of the road can clean more than 300 catties leaves." The sanitation workers told reporters.
Talking about the problems when leaves increased workload, the sanitation workers say: "say increased workload, that's for sure, at ordinary times no leaves, sweep up not difficult. But the most recent period, leaves are turning yellow, falling, don't sweep and no, ugly. Most exasperating is, your side, leaves fall, sweep aside some time just finished cleaning a little way, a gust of wind blown over, the ground is a layer of leaves, trouble it perfectly." Say that finish, he turned into deciduous cleaning work.
The reporter understands, HuanWeiGong people to make a citizen during the morning before saw a clean and tidy streets, even will begin at three o 'clock in the street cleaning. And they collect leaves after finish, could be concentrated to jurisdiction of garbage compression station for processing. According to information, in order to cleaning the leaves, the street agency of xian yesterday thousands of sanitation workers clung to the post.







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