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Kill not cockroach never next battleground
2010/11/22 0:37:56
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Summer comes, home and saw cockroach! The past 26 years, live in cangxiang 29, at this time of year of ShiXiuHua a return to "will be on all people Zhang fight". Can cockroach vitality is too strong, the son born sun, sun again again son, and thrives, in the home stay down, how to destroy both don't finish. Have this trouble of more than her family and live after the door I kill li yesterday to reporters also call ask for help a telephone.
People with a "battle" dozen cockroach for 26 years
"I married into the cangxiang 29 first day, he found a cockroach!" ShiXiuHua a face of helpless. Marry first night, ShiXiuHua midnight hear zilpah bore the rustling sound. She lights a look, found ten to only figure "burly", colour and lustre ash bright big cockroach is the table climb. She spot sweeper screamed, the whole family woke up. ShiXiuHua for 26 years ago wedding night, remember profoundly.
Cangxiang 29 is a history of one hundred years old curtilage, house damp, "cockroach, mosquitoes, so many rats". Previously, ShiXiuHua often and family together with fly swatler culled cockroach. Later, she buys clean the third-class insecticides, but three has little effect.

In recent years, ShiXiuHua has weakness and cockroach reasoning. Every night, as long as she suddenly open lamp, can see a cockroach large force, in the table, the floor, wanton parade. She had to every meal, with newspapers, cotton cloth, the cupboard, square table covered completely up.
Costs 1000 yuan still destroy not the cockroach
After the door I will slay living li also called and said her also came under cockroach molestation! June 2000, ms. Li after I moved into the door, the following spring slaughter it discovered the cockroach's trail. At night, she woke up, open fluorescent lamp, found the kitchen table a big roaches were foraging, picks up the slippers outstripped, cockroach turned from aperture drilling gas burner shimoji ark. Since then, the home of cockroaches are unabated.
Ms. Li bought scud, cockroaches pen, clean the 3x3, buster etc, every evening sleep, open the gas stove and sinks below ground ark, use atomizer fierce gush, then in the kitchen the ground with cockroach strokes "well" word. The next morning, most once killed more than 10 only greatly small cockroach. But cockroach does not disappear, on the contrary is steadily on the increase, from the kitchen, toilet development in several room.
Ms. Li spent more than 1000 yuan, bought more than 10 only american-made seal storage box, will all with food in sealed box. At this time, ms. Lee's family has been cockroach get under the exhaustion of body and mind.
Cockroaches invite the reader to counsel
The reporter understands, now commonly used destroy cockroach method has put out a cockroach spray poison er, insecticides, daub kill cockroaches chalk, etc. But these methods to ShiXiuHua, ms. Li two don't work.








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