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Clean refrigerator internal can use disinfection tissues
2010/11/22 0:29:12
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Spring Festival came, many people start cleaning and refrigerator is also a lot of family cleaning the object, but a lot of citizens reflect cleaning fridge know not with what method appropriate.
Electrical appliances sales of sand garden introduce mr.chen, cleaning the refrigerator must master methods, cleaning the refrigerator internal can use towel to wipe, boric acid or disinfect with boric acid wipe refrigerators can easily to cream.
What food habit of a lot of people are coming to the refrigerator cork, feel so storage food more sanitary, more insurance. Therefore, the refrigerator raw, cooked food, fruits, vegetables and meat are mixed together. District health care association expert points out, although can slow down most bacteria refrigerator breeding speed, but cannot kill bacteria. Red meat and vegetables can contains a large number of bacteria, which not only can continue breeding, still can pollution in the refrigerator of other foods, some low temperature resistance of bacteria also can at 0 ? around many breed.
Chen said, clean the refrigerator first cut off power supply, usable dry cloth gently scrub, more dirty cloth dips in detergent can wipe. The refrigerator internal still can use towel to wipe, boric acid or disinfect with boric acid wipe refrigerators can easily to cream. The refrigerator internal still can use glycerin is wiped, can form a thin layer of protective film, even dip milk or food scraps also can easily be erased. Put aside frame and other containers and take out wash with water. The refrigerator door the rubber sealing strip also cannot oversight, take good wipe clean. A refrigerator on the back of the condenser easy accumulative dirt, affects the cooling, the commissions.the cleaner aspiration. Electrical parts surface application dry cloth to wipe. What need reminds is, cleaning the refrigerator cannot use hot water, also do not use sharp material avord remove dirt and frost.
The refrigerator raw, cooked food should use storage box or storage bag sealed after classification preservation, overnight food shall, before the heating, and food cooking center temperature should reach 70 ? above.







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