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Lhasa with 200 million per month this year environmental protection bags supply
2010/11/19 0:36:09
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Recently, reporters in Lhasa, PE the supermarket checkout hundreds of customers see with shopping bags environmental goods will be conducted to pack. This supermarket manager tells a reporter, director sun despite management cost some increase, but in order to protect the Tibetan blue sky, as the business, we are very support shopping bag use environmental protection.
"Environmental protection dress bag of lower prices to Lhasa 'forbidden white' work is of great significance, only environmental protection bags price down to a certain degree can become plastic bags substitutes." Lhasa environmental supervising detachment captain HuangCheng yong said. In recent years, many developing special "Lhasa forbidden white" action, to by one-off plastic bags mainly white garbage to carry on the long-term renovation. Lhasa emphasis on supermarket, vegetable market regulation. At present, eight large supermarket, 15 major farmers markets in basic spending one-off environmental protection bags, reduce annual white pollution over 100 tons per month, shopping bag of environmental protection use more than 200 million.
Bureau has required the Lhasa to merchants active directors principal market popularize the use of environmental protection bags, and recruiting five obligations supervisors for examine investigations, registration each vegetable market banned white ".







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