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Calendars terrorize environmental protection bags electronic invitation provoking love
2010/11/15 1:31:33
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"Before, little child, used calendar often give children bag hidebox now children work, calendars are made into shopping bag." On October 25, live in huhhot YuQuan area meihua lung community LiJinLing ladies while displaying the elegant shopping bags while saying. Calendars7
Speaking of shopping bags will make the original intention of calendars7, LiJinLing said: "my house cats before a stain dog, 6 months of illness in pet hospital, doctors found it anus mouth dew one section plastic bags, the scene I now all unforgettable. Last year I again see a general programme, some animals died was found in the stomach is plastic bags, couldn't digest to kill, the feeling is very cruel, and from then on I was as far as possible need not plastic bags. I've always wanted to find a way to throw away after can quickly degradation, neither destroy the environment and not damage animal material." LiJinLing will waste calendar left fold right fold, for a while and then had the bag shape. "An accidental opportunity, village in kindergarten handicraft class, I saw the teacher taught the children paper folding a wall hanging vase, when I had to do shopping bags with calendar of inspiration." In will be converted into the bag, calendar LiJinLing with scissors for two mouth, hemp stuck juncture in mouth.
Now, ms. Li go out and then take homemade environmental protection bags. "Today with a beauty pattern of the non woven bag, tomorrow and carry a landscape design, lead special high!" Ms. Li said proudly.
On 24 oct, in huhhot sab work XiaoHu open E-mail king, received numerous reply, without exception, the letter sent to him the electronic invitation agrees and respect. "I am ready for New Year's day get married, watched many invitations to sell on market, the paper, feel no new idea. That day I lover showed me Shanghai classmate gipap e-postcards, suddenly let person eye a bright, that this attachment is about design of electronic card namely beautiful and creative. If our wedding invitations can save 300 to zhang paper greeting, not can protect the environment to make small contribution!" The king said, and XiaoHu point opened their wedding invitations to reporters look, "we will both hunshazhao on the first page, with red double water ripple font background and solid. Invited guest name and hotel address on the invitation, the second page of the background is the hotel overall photos. Page 3, we designed a can flap balloon, and our life equal. Hydroxycut still doesn't forget play a, 'low carbon, environmental protection, starts from me, from now start'." The king XiaoHu satisfiedly say, "electronic invitation yesterday just sent out today, received a reply, many friends are particularly enjoy the zhang chic invitations, a friend said, this piece of electronic invitation is he had seen the most exquisite, rewarding and most environmental invitation."








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