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The main synthetic paper wrapping technical characteristics
2010/11/11 1:13:37
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The late 20th century, appear to polyolefin as main materials for its synthetic paper, paper and plastics have two kinds of performance, with the proportion of light, better rigidity etc, can be in many special field replace natural paper.
Human civilization in rapid development in the meantime, try to environmental resources to use, cause environmental changes and damage, have affected the human life. Synthetic paper to emerge and promotion, although cannot change that situation, but it is after all a can ease of environmental destruction materials.
Synthetic paper in abroad had more than 30 years, the history of the United States, Japan and other developed countries got earlier developed quickly. Natural fiber paper sources of the raw materials and production process are on the environment caused by the bigger changes and damage, as the global environmental awareness of strengthening, new synthetic paper appear ceaselessly, its application scope is continually expanding, global sales of synthetic paper by 10% each year at a rate of growth, synthetic paper replaced package.usually pace is speeding up.
According to Chinese papermaking association predicts that by 2010, China's annual consumption of paper and cardboard volume will reach 7,000 tons. Our paper demand of the 2/3 for packaging materials used for printing, 1/3, even if a 5% of printing and packing paper was synthetic paper replaced, the demand is very considerable.
Our country synthetic paper startting evening, market development is insufficient, technology is still needs further perfection. Current year national dosage for 3 ~ 4 million tons, mainly for imports, basically for polypropylene synthetic paper, used for dress bag, handbag, woven bag, offset printing, screen printing, advertising spray, books, trademark printing etc, which are advertising penhui dosage occupied 40%, trademark printing for 15%, non woven bag, offset printing, screen printing dosage every 10%, handbag, clothes bag dosage 10%, books dosage 5%. According to the thickness of the specification, 40 ~ 50 dosage division 30%, dosage microns 90 ~ 150 micron dosage occupied 40%, other thickness dosage for 30%.







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