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Shopping bags issued publicity LianXinQiao palying masses
2010/11/11 1:31:10
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"Very like this shopping bags, now, I also am procuratorate obligations lunches," xian BeiLinOu tower community section aunt carry 3he procuratorate into the community service issued publicity shopping bag grinning from ear to ear. This is BeiLinOu procuratorate conducting "xian descend a basic level, into the community, send laws, send service" activity real scene. This propaganda activity can let community residents clap the key, 24.2% always put descend a basic level, into the community as to raise people's awareness and procuratorial work satisfaction of an effective carrier, as do mass work ability, strengthen promoting impartial and honest enforcement of the important means.
Propaganda form partly decides the activities of the depth and the breadth. To ensure that activities not ZouGuoChang, 24.2% in brewing design phase to how innovation form on the very important position, not only at specific symposium for activities of BSFLP launched policemen, still poll a fixed-point contact communities to conduct the activities of opinion, finally established with a hundred community procuratorial workstations to rely on, through the issuance of 10,000 printed with cartoon prosecutors formative shopping propaganda bag, 50,000 introduce procuratorial functions such as form, the paper cups omni-directional, three-dimensional conduct propaganda. The form of innovation plus policemen work enthusiasm, not only arouse the enthusiasm of the masses participate in support activities, but also extend the propaganda of effective propaganda time items, to avoid the propaganda effect discount. Propaganda efficiency are tangible activities, 24.2% into the community service since everywhere he went by the community widely welcomed by the masses, many mass spontaneous to participate in publicity activities, took the initiative to help prosecutors propaganda procuratorial functions, in which the interaction, XinTieXin face-to-face, prosecutors not only send the shopping bag, flyer, also the legal knowledge, idea of rule "pack" at the heart of the masses.








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