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ZheShang people sacks opportunely head bees drones. "grab
2010/11/8 17:49:48
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Head bees peasant Ann nest, peasant master house was ZheShang, the feeling be nasty under, the masses to the public security bureau for help.
On September 7, XunYi police receives masses for help, immediately line PoTouZhen ga XunYiXian formed the head son village peasant hives cleared.
On September 7, XunYiXian formed PoTouZhen ga son village one farmers in his yard was head ZheShang, search found that bee hive in their own eaves rely on a corner, she hurried to the local police station and patrol brigade for help.
Police rushed to the scene, the ground to investigate and found the buzzer hives diameter 40 many centimeters long and about 50 centimeters, assumes the circular, dozens of only around the hive head bees flying back and forth. Considering the buzzer hives position is exorbitant, FangYan around for woodiness and burned scheme work, finally decided to use sacks will swarm "captured".
Policemen wear units uniform, slowly climb the ladder near the honeycomb, ready with woven bag set in the honeycomb, found the hives and the sacks diameter varies slightly, plus hives clingy wall, bad, then set back replaced. Seek to a fine wire circle a circle and non-woven fabric, roll the same caliber in compiling the opening, the smooth will hive set into sacks, with the hand a hold woven wire circle fall off, the whole hive falls bag.
Then again the police with prepared an agent will remain the poison buzzers thoroughly destroy, as farmers solved the trouble back at home.
Meanwhile, XunYi police warn broad masses: once found, do not disorderly tong head honeycomb, and smote honeycomb, shall immediately report to the relevant departments, consists of professional personnel to eliminate head honeycomb, if be head bees ZheShang, must immediately to the hospital, cannot be overemphasized.








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