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12 million yuan LingChao three hours inventory agriculture bank savings bank ornamented tries friends
2010/11/8 17:47:56
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Yesterday, two anhui to Shanghai personnel take 12 million yuan, for the amount of 20 yuan of the following notes in this city many Banks remit money when encountering "slammed". Finally, the agriculture bank savings office employees spend more than three hours to finish, remittances success finally inventory.
October 1st at about 1 p.m., two young man dragged a woven came to Shanghai huangpu subbranch JianLu zhapu agriculture bank savings bank remittance. Woven inside mostly is 20 yuan, $10, 5 yuan, and $1 bills.
These change come from? To understand that this pair is from anhui province part-time personnel, be engaged in markets such as rice products processing work, because their hometown was in urgent need of money, now have 12 million cash to remit out, but the cash is mostly around 20 yuan, $10, 5 yuan, still have 1 yuan notes, notes still stained with gooey flour. One morning, two people carrying a non woven bag of money ran several Banks, but bank respect all mean the day cannot complete inventory, refuse the remittance.
The ABC office Shanghai huangpu subbranch JianLu zhapu relevant head understand relevant situation and promptly said can't let customer dragged sacks say-can looking for a bank. They decided to not affect other clients normal conduction business situation, deploy hands together inventory.
After the agriculture bank staff of more than three hours of joint efforts, finally will customer 120,000 yuan in cash, inventory of highway-net toll completed more than 10,000 note, including 20 yuan, $10, 5 yuan face values the notes seven more than thousand zhang, 1 yuan face values the notes three more than thousand zhang, eliminating the broken currency 3 million yuan. Finally in the received customer remittance receipt.








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