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Elderly put all their savings hidden in sacks
2010/11/3 22:13:51
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65, Yang elderly man his life savings 7000 multivariate money hidden in the home a sacks. The old man used to being young neighbor LuoMou accidentally discovered, played a bad or good heart. On October 9, afternoon, Yang man out returned, he found the sacks money was gone. Yang uncle sad broken all day, weep not eat. The day before yesterday, chapter water police substation solved the case, recovered the stolen, Yang uncle this just to laughter.
Yang man lived yinzhou district chapter water town du village, he didn't depression marry, you also have no children. October 9 2 o 'clock in the afternoon, he go by car yinfeng river market. At 4 o 'clock afternoon home that more money lost. Yang just don't understand alarm, only in the courtyard vigorously cry. Cries moved around neighbor, everybody run over comfort, help alarm.
Yang uncle home has three shabby bungalow, money was hidden in most inside a broken inside ambry of sacks. The house roof has several big hole, at first glance like had abandoned, the average person could not thought of here hiding money.
Yang uncle home few door, is who knows the habit of the old man? And Yang, police said local villagers were examined. Neighbors reflect, they have seen JiaMou migrant laborers to Yang man went home. And a child who told police that afternoon he to JiaMou temporary housing playing, see JiaMou was counting money. JiaMou will lease in Yang uncle neighborhood, last month with people play CARDS and lost a lot of money.
The police think JiaMou comes under suspicion, then immediately JiaMou subpoenaed. At first JiaMou resolute don't admit to have stolen the money but he described his whereabouts cannot justify. Moreover, the police also searched JiaMou home from 1,400 multivariate money, these QianZhongYou many old banknotes, zhang is already on the market is rare, probably Yang man years zan down money. Finally, JiaMou saw hide not past, have to honest explaination.
Originally, JiaMou to Yang uncle home buying taro, saw Yang uncle directly put money into the sacks, hence then moved evil thoughts. That day he was watched Yang just get on the bus station, then to his home in all stole non-woven fabric money. JiaMou home checked out money, total 7,500 multivariate, he left 1,400 multivariate as change, then put other producing 6,100 yuan deposit into the office. Then, all money by police gladly recalled. Yesterday, police and Yang uncle relatives together to help him put money in the bank.








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