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Green belts on rubbish urban management moves supervision cleaning
2010/11/3 22:10:02
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On November 1, 2010 13:13:43 afternoon, urban management law enforcement bureau accepts gongshu district command center received a special praise phone, say thanks to a law enforcement players, the work is earnest, helping lunch until rubbish drop just leave...
The thing is: the noon 11am cet before leaving the sound of lake, Mr Zhang complaints received citizens, longines has jade garden east gate door lawn, have vehicles in the fall down 2 car garbage, destroy the lawn, pollute the environment, the sound of west lake reporters information transferred to urban management accepting command center.
They were on the way patrolled creek squadron enforcement players XuTianMing immediately after receiving information with teammates on the scene. Found green belts was covered with outstretched wet sacks, about 2 and 300 square of appearance. Two men, one more than 40 years old, a 20s are up strength of make packaging.
XuTianMing immediately forward know the situation, according to two men speak, they is collecting scrap articles. These sacks is near to the construction site discarded, altogether packed full of two cart. Because too wet, they found the longines has jade garden east gate at the entrance of the gate of the big lawn...
Two men XuTianMing to propagandize the hangzhou city virescence management relevant provision, any units and individual do not occupy green space, without authorization, ask the other side immediately rectification. Looking at two men reluctantly, easy-going appearance, XuTianMing mind at rest, and in the circumstances "DuZhan" more than a hour, until two men will get away and collect all non woven bag didn't go back to DuiBu.
At this time of XuTianMing belly have hungry growling. Always watched as the scene of the complainant Mr Zhang was moved, and phoned the sound of west lake reporter, praise the requirements of urban management law enforcement work conscientiously players.








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