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Woven inside a batch of gun. Captured
2010/11/2 0:19:36
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American M16A1 rifle 1 teams, AK47 assault rifle 2 teams, Italy "lai tower 92 series pistol 1 teams, american-made compact small-bore revolver 1 team... The world's most advanced military guns, not appear in the military firearms, on display when they were found, put them in a tattered sacks, a being tracked down and 217 bullets. Recently, the then changsha first-instance court session the extra-large business, transport, hold the guns and ammunition case, case the defendant li, zhang xu, WuBaoSong, YangGuanJun, GuBaiRong, HuFeiFei trial. Case the result will regularly sentence.
On April 14, flinging 40 points, yuhua district police station JinTao xu four patrol players in the round high-speed and 10,000 li professional interchange osmanthus logistics company security guard site near between regular patrols, it was found that the famous man stealthy from one big truck to move down on a sacks, immediately forward interrogating. Once took a turn, several teams non-woven fabric rifle popped up in their sight! Public security organs, the demand ShunTengMoGua various military guns 13 branches and bullets 305 hair.
Court procuratorial organ charges, July 2009, the defendant li to yunnan lincang city and a local man settled in approximately 70,000 yuan price buy three gun and matches 45 bullets, by the seller will guns were hidden in yunnan province south umbrella county macro tong square somewhere. After the defendant arrange the defendant zhang xu li to the prescribed destination take a gun.
In March 2010, li again to Burma's contribution to zhang xu, buy a gun in Burma zhang xu spend 10 million RMB bought three cigarettes kalashnikov (2 teams AK47, 1 teams M16), 5 u.s.-produced pistols and hair, and by bullets 217 WuBaoSong transported to changsha, li talked on the phone for 12.8 million freight. The results WuBaoSong transport of guns zhang xu received after being caught in nearby players patrol observation GuBaiRong driving, li armbar.
On April 14, li saw the incident, inform the wife HuFeiFei household 4 pistols 67 bullets pack good to others is taken back home hiding. Classics appraisal, with illegal firearms are foreign military guns, any one have strong body politic.








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