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Woven in ooze blood were rotting pork
2010/11/2 0:12:43
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29 September when xu, nanchang liberation south road and bridge intersection, several citizens find the river lie few sacks, bloodstain constantly from dress bag inside oozy is suspected outlaws murder mutilatio after throwing here, they scared hurriedly call the police.
When the reporter arrived on the scene, see the river three or four sacks, two of them still in the blood to leakage. At 110 police has arrived on the scene, forensic came to the inspection. Except homicide throw corpse doubt anyone outside, many citizens also suspect woven with pork or useless in May of animal innards. A citizen with branch out past poking him immediately are woven sacks, delimit made a cut. The reporter sees, exposing a covered with black hair inside of the meat, looks like a pig leg. At this time, some of the crowd shouted: "it is a pig leg, I am kill pig, I can certainly."
After forensic identification, confirm woven inside is not the bodies, but some rotting pork.








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