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With DiaoBaoJi copper huangyan: cheat dirt change
2010/10/27 22:03:16
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When buying is a copper wire, afterwards has become a dress bag of soil are worthless. October 17, OuYuan bridge town huangyan of Lin is cheater adopt the way across a switch, lost 2000 yuan.
Paradox: copper suddenly become mud
"Boss, copper buy?" 17 October 10, a car parked in huangyan OuYuan bridge of the workshop front Lin. Three men, a car driving, another two in the car, a male to survey asked Lin.
"The copper where?" Lin asked. A man off to open car trunk, with a bundle of bundles of wire. For verification and copper, Lin pick scissors to open a small section, see the inner core were of brass.
Lin, and call option that now is 10 yuan a kilo market. Both after bargaining, speak good price is 8 yuan a kilo sell Lin. Then, a man will put a woven wire arranged in moving down there, and after pounds of 67.5 kg, with $216.
"This price is too expensive, don't sell! Don't sell!" B ostrosky said men get hurriedly will move back to the sacks the trunk.
Lin thought business fell through. At this moment, a male say: "since speak even!" B male and will be exactly the same woven from the trunk move down.
Therefore, Lin to pay $216 cash.
Then, the man open JueChenErQu cars. Lin was open, just read the meshing copper instantly became dirt! Lin immediately report to the police.
The truth: transaction way to play the switch
According to police, handling such cases, cheats prior ready packaging and weight of the same item. When talking at a good price, with low price, intentionally JuMai for cover, then move on, then real while other do not pay attention to when the switch. At this time, the owner doesn't usually again, thus, direct inspection deceived.
Warning: old trick will prevent
Crook to switch mode, but old fraud, although often someone fall. Cheater tended to decent appearance, aims to make owner relax vigilance, here, the police remind owner to be vigilant, strengthening prevention, many heart, before the first real pay best in your hand or on each side, don't let the switch has opportunity.








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