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Housewives have magical moon cake boxes clever brains
2010/10/25 22:12:46
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Mid-Autumn Festival is over, the fragrance also makes memorable moon cake, but those who stay in the beautiful moon cake packaging useless, wasteful to discard, as the eyes of many people, " tasteless. " Recently, the reporter interviewed several housewives, to see how they change waste into treasure.
Beautiful moon cake box, turned treasure chest.
Penglai Isle Community Hui Ying: moon cake box can be changed to the storage box, place the data card, pharmaceutical, and other small objects.
Small moon cake box, inspired by great wisdom.
Li Qian an institution: the annual Lantern Festival ago, I and the son of primary school do with the use of lantern moon cake box, moon cake boxes beautiful designs will be made hollow, and then around a fixed shape, then put on wires and small light bulbs. Thus, not only waste utilization, but also guide their children exercise their creative muscle, do both.
Box desiccant, dehumidification and odor.
Zhu Min people: moon cake box most of them have a small packet of desiccant, moon cake had finished, the desiccant of the "task" seems to end, it is not. Since it is used as a dehumidifier, you can put it in the wardrobe, bookcase, shoes, food counters, you can continue to play its role, and be good with medical gauze bag in the refrigerator freezer, in the lower humidity inside the same time, you can deodorant, longer food storage time. In addition, most of the desiccant is silica gel desiccant is now using for some time, you can continue using it after drying.







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