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Stone is too special a year to send 345 million
2010/10/25 22:10:24
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According to the Beijing Railway Bureau statistics, the opening and operation of Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan passenger line to send the first anniversary trip were a total of 345.4 million people, EMU ticket utilization 80.7% .
April 1, ushered in the Taihang Mountains Phi green stone is too off special "Harmony" EMU the first anniversary of the CDB.
In the past 365 days, from the passenger section of Shijiazhuang, the formation of 60 workers by groups of 20 packages, the value off by stone so special, "Harmony" EMU, every day in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, and from 12 between trips, one-way through 34 tunnels, totaling 74.9 km, across 89 bridges, total 35.5 km; the safe operation of a total of 2,022,830 km, passenger transport about 4,086,540 passengers.
Taiyuan passenger dedicated success Harmony 250 km CDB EMU, the railway is a landmark, it is the second 350 km Beijing-Tianjin inter-city line after EMU Open, followed by opening lines of inter-provincial, inter-Railway Administration long-distance move vehicle group, 250 km for the following opening line leader of EMU have the attitude, the railway from China into the world marked the railway advanced. More pull in Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi three development to play a good social and economic benefits.
This segment is a good stone is too open motor car, built team beginning to location and quality workforce, a high work standards, high levels of service taste first-class service for visitors, lie at the root security normalization. In this regard, they are uniformly full-time conductor female university graduates are first-class natural condition, after training in accordance with the content of training programs, in order to lay the foundation for building high-quality workforce.
225 km from Shijiazhuang to Taiyuan, the passenger line, two-thirds of the bridge tunnel. Line in such a complex value of x, to carry out first-class service, the implementation of high-standard, but also according to the needs of visitors, the timely provision of services, this is a female conductor of the test. They are excellent as their male colleagues in the spirit of "running my car I am proud," the work of passion, threw himself into the actual work. EMU is the stone is too elevated to first-class service, this section aimed at the leadership role models, they have organized in five batches to the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city motor car, the conductor of the image quality to observe, study reception skills, learning to build brand service management. After learning to digest, learn from each other, creating my character moving car conductor Shi-Tai Beijing-Tianjin inter-city to learn motor car back, after a seven workshops, all of them looking to write less experience, and everyone thought the investigation service innovation made suggestions, university graduates the unique high entrepreneurial passion, to create a service brand of rock too brainstorming EMU 73.
"Hidden services" 3 years in a row to win the world top 500 enterprises in the service of the United States Wal-Mart brand. EMU Shitai conductor who, in various brands of cluster services, which a soft spot. After their study, combined with practical work, the "hidden services" in the front of the service, stretching exercises, the three core elements to attract hidden, turned into stone too moving vehicle "should Care" and "should be service." "What services should be" is the conductor in the basic services that must be completed in the same time, at any time to resolve the various needs of tourists, which produce paradigm derived services, care-service, a silent signal-service, wait-service, active-service inquiries, common feature of these five services, "everything in front of the passenger service, single service reflects the humanity", the effect is to let visitors have a "really good service" feel. "Should be service" is through the voice introduction, cue cards and reveal the map, etc., to take the initiative to guide the passenger service means to enable visitors to fully enjoy the EMU advanced and user-friendly device to bring the convenience and comfort.
Stone too EMU train crew in the practice "should do service", the behavior of each service, all visitors feel good. Rain, each umbrella into the passenger compartment, the train crew will take the initiative to send a plastic bag loaded umbrella; snow, each passenger to get off the train crew in assisting the same time, will be told "snow to slide, please be careful "; whenever the car of the elderly and small children fell asleep, the train crew will put a blanket on them; visitors have visited the attitude in the car, the train crew will take the initiative to brief them on the situation inside the equipment, facilities, etc. . A Russian passenger car sudden disease, the conductor through his tight brow, he observed the need, take the initiative to find medicine for his Xun Yi, the trouble. "Should do service", so that each conductor prepared, proactive, timely and satisfactory service to passengers in passenger side. Kids travel on the elderly, they have to do "one stop" full service, took the initiative to ask them to stay off if anyone, send them to the station take the initiative to get off after and, if necessary with the parties the transfer station, the originating station should have time to send them to the station. The way for the elderly and bottled water, toilet facilities used to guide escort to ensure safe travel for the elderly.
The female college student conductor in the "on-demand service" practice, to solve a passenger car in a problem. EMU high-speed for the tunnel into the cave to visitors after the air campaign have tinnitus, they consult a doctor expert, learning to eliminate tinnitus treatment methods. Each motor car is about to enter the tunnel before the train radio publicity, the train crew to the cabin for passengers to do to eliminate tinnitus model. Playing poker for the visitors, loud conversation, influence others to rest, or very few passengers take off your shoes relax the problem of the air, they developed a warm and cue cards, both with respect to persuade travelers to avoid the problem is not easy to accept, but also to maintain the dignity of the traveler. Disposable cups for many visitors can not find the storage box of problems, they developed a smart card tips, and more. They have an unwritten service requirements: in the car, and passengers eyes intersect, they must face with a smile, greet visitors take the initiative to ask demand and because the majority of visitors this vision, there are things looking for the conductor.








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