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Hailing safes 80,000 in cash were missing yesterday, the police theft break 6 hours
2010/10/20 20:01:40
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WASHINGTON a liquor company in the safe city of 8 million in cash was missing, police Hailing 6 small speed break the case. Last night, the company "the ghost" Cai XingJu on suspicion of theft.
Yesterday morning, the Drum Tower on the way a wine company when Mr. Li was stunned to open the safe withdraw money: 8 million in cash missing. Hailing him quickly to the police. No skid marks safes, office doors and windows and no signs of climbing leveraging. Mr. Li said that a month ago, he would have lost the key safe. Police judge, inside the company more likely to commit crimes. Committed crimes for the Sept. 1 from yesterday morning. Salesperson reflects a clue to the police: driver Cai afternoon off work, carrying a red hanging organizer , bulging.
Cai, 23 years old, Hailing Su, Mr Thomas Chan people. Earlier this year, candidates to the company. Mr. Li said, Cai honest, money withdrawn from circulation after delivery is very timely, work and agile, able to endure hardship. He was very satisfied with Cai. Police learned that Cai monthly wages are only a thousand dollars, but he was pumping the Chinese smoke like the Internet, dating for Nvwang, expensive. Cai family said the evening of September 1, he got home late.
Police locked Cai as a major suspect, searched his home that afternoon, at the bedside of a garment bag found several bundles of cash. The face of stolen money, Cai explained that a month ago, he picked up inside the van in the unit 2 of the key, the key estimate is safe. Recently, his hand tight to the idea of playing safe.
That night, Mr. Li 8 million in cash recovered.








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