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Funeral garbage picked up 30,000 in cash in the minimal needs of farmers with disabilities complete bi Lixian return Zhao
2010/10/20 19:58:33
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Newspaper Baoding (Xinhua Guo Zhikun Park Hui-Wen Chen Huan correspondent poly) "Thank LIU, and if he put it in your pocket, you see my family over the years to come ye ah!" September 6, Li County town of Mulberry Village Pansy Ming said excitedly. In recent days, the village picked up Chun-poor farmers with disabilities nearly 3 million in cash to the owner of the thing in time, amazed.
A lot of money found in trash
September 3, Lixian Mulberry Village, a town of Pansy funeral, people coming and going very lively. 32-year-old youth village LIU Chun is a disabled, poor self-care is the state's minimal needs of the poor households in the village. Liu Chun-site to see the funeral, there are many broken boxes, mineral water bottles and other waste throw a pity, so he picked up the garbage at the scene, ready to sell to supplement the family income.
Suddenly, in a pile of bad paper tray, LIU picked up a portable garment bag, opened it, containing a large number of hundred dollars face value of the yuan. Funeral scene many people are busy with their own things in, no one around to notice LIU picked up something. "So a bunch of money, losing money these days people must be very anxious!" Liu Chun did not hesitate, no quiet, but my mind was worry for the owner. Who do not know the money is lost, how do? He immediately find the steward on the funeral, Chen Lan, handed over the money in his hand, asking for help to find the owner. At the same time, people informed the village party secretary kind of shellfish.
Large amounts of cash can not find the owner
Chen Lan took over the mobile garment bag, after an inventory is 29,150 yuan in cash. "This is a huge sum of money Yeah, especially for poor households LIU, the number of garbage that was picked Yeah!" LIU's a move that shocked all the masses of onlookers. Chen Hai village, said: "Liu Chun owed by people moving, so he is short of money, its also disabled, is not money eyes, I really admire."
Chen Lan to see so much money, do not know who lost money as soon as arrangements for people looking for the owner. After making inquiries, questions, and no results. Site to anybody, who also said not lost. Ran village party secretary Secretary Liu also asked how quickly, and everyone rushes to talk, speculation has become big news site. Later, someone broke in, in which funeral occasions, unless the tube be possible to take account of the President so much cash. So, quickly go to the funeral people on the tube separately, Mr. accounts.
The original is lost in the cash management account
Once the pipe is busy billing account of a question, Mr. Ming, he hastened to look at the hands of the mobile garment bag. When he saw less of a storage box when away in horror was shaking, a cold sweat, quite a while to speak. On the spot, but for some people held on, he almost fell to the ground.
Mr. Ming-tube a little more sober accounts, people talk about how the matter to him, he was very excited for everyone, said: "Well, thanks to Chun-ah! He really saved me a life, either he picked to give the money to affairs, I just sold my house a few broken, but also the victim can not pay people, what I live head it! this good man I shall never forget, funeral after finishing, I must To properly thank Liu Chun! "
It turned out that the management accounts on the day of the funeral, Mr. Ming, was busy accounting, treasury, Sheng at the time of billing a bag of cash on the floor, remember finishing up and busy with other things, take the time to forget to take the Sheng money bags, but luckily picked by LIU. Talking about things that day, the village party branch Secretary Liu said: "A minimal needs of the impoverished disabled people to enjoy the country, could make this a very moving event, really great!"






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