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Food should not be loaded bags of fertilizer
2010/10/19 1:20:09
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In recent years, with the amount of rural farming rising use of chemical fertilizers, farmers have accumulated a large number of fertilizer bags, many farmers in order to save, easy to install over urea, ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer bags, etc., after a simple washing drying dry, and some even do not wash directly used to hold food, everyone knows, this is very harmful to human health of the.
According to the investigation, and now most of the fertilizer was used in polyethylene bags, made of PVC plastic, which contains a lot of lead and other harmful substances, such a simple treatment only after washing the fertilizer bags, may still be the end of a small number of debris left in the dress bag of fertilizer within the gap. Some grain and other food if dressed in a long time inside, be affected by these toxic substances pollution, human consumption of these contaminated food, toxic substances will remain in the body, causing the body have different degrees of poisoning or disease.
To this end, I propose the relevant and timely information to farmers and friends loaded bags of fertilizer contamination of food will be food, damage to human health of such knowledge, to remind friends not to reuse the majority of farmers dressed fertilizer bags of food.






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