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Woven in a number of guns seiz
2010/10/19 1:17:50
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a U.S. M16A1 rifle, AK47 assault rifles 2, Italy Beretta 92 series pistols 1, the U.S. production of small-caliber pocket revolver 1 ... ... the world's advanced military firearms, military firearms not in the exhibition, they were discovered, packed in a broken bag, the one was seized along with 217 rounds of ammunition. Recently, the Changsha Intermediate People's Court of First Instance held a hearing this from the big trade, transport, possession of firearms, ammunition case, the case defendant LI, Zhang Xu, Wu Baosong, Yang Guanjun, Gubai Rong, Hu Feifei trial. Outcome of the case will be regularly pronounced.
At 0:40 on April 14 Xu, Yuhua District, Taoyuan police station four patrol members, located in the Loop northbound high-speed and interoperability of the osmanthus Wanjiali logistics patrol near the inter-site routine security patrol discovered famous men surreptitiously moved from a large truck down a bag, immediately stepped forward to inventory. Took the non-woven fabric over the pages, a few rifles out there in their eyes! Public security organs immediately instructed, recovered 13 various types of military firearms, 305 bullets made.
Court, the prosecution allegations, July 2009, the defendant went to LI Lincang reached an agreement with a local man, about 7 million to buy three guns and with 45 rounds of ammunition, guns and ammunition hidden by the seller County in Yunnan Province, Wang Tong Plaza South umbrella somewhere. Zhang Xu, Li Jun arrangements for the defendant after the defendant to take the gun to the agreed location.
March 2010, Li Jun Zhang Xu once again to the Myanmar capital to buy a gun, Zhang Xu spent in Burma more than 10 million purchase of three machine guns (2 AK47, 1 ? US-made M16), 5 pistols and 217 bullets made by the Wu Baosong sent to Changsha, LI on the phone on a good shipping 12.8 million. Zhang Xu received the results of transporting firearms Wu Baosong players arrested after a patrol, LI observed in the vicinity, Gu Borong car fled the scene.
April 14, LI see the incident to inform his wife Hu Feifei home to 4 of 67 rounds of ammunition loaded pistol to another home in a good hiding. It was identified that are involved in foreign military firearms firearms, any one have strong destructive power.






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