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Living alone all the savings hidden in bags in
2010/10/13 19:55:20
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WASHINGTON 65-year-old widowed old man to Yang 7,000 yuan their life savings hidden at home, money in a bag. Yang, the old man's habit was discovered accidentally Luomou neighbor, played arise to harm. The afternoon of October 9, Yang old man came back out and found the money in the bag was gone. Yang, broken old man sad, crying all day refused to eat. The day before yesterday, Zhang water station cracked the case, recover the stolen money, Yang This old man breaks through his tears.
Zhang Yang Town, Yinzhou District, the old man who lives in Du Au Village, he did not marry, and no children. At 14:00 on October 9 and more his car to go to the market Yin Jiang. 16:00 more home that the money lost. Young old man do not understand the police, only he kept crying in the yard. Cries alerted the neighbors, we have ran to comfort, to help the police.
Yang, broken old man has three rooms of the cottage, hidden in the most money inside a bag inside the cabinet in the break. The house has several large holes in the roof, at first glance like a long abandoned, how most people would not think of this hidden money.
Yang few people stopping by the old man home, who knew the old man's habits do Yang, the police carried out investigation on the local villagers. Are neighbors, and they had seen Young migrant workers Gumou to the old man went home. Another child told police that afternoon to Jiamou temporary housing to play, see Gumou was counting money. Gumou to rent the old man in the neighborhood Yang, last month to play cards with people lost a lot of money.
Police suspect that the Gumou have committed crimes, then immediately summoned Gumou. Never admit that at first Gumou Jian stole money, but when he describes his whereabouts can not be justified. Moreover, the police also found a home from 1,400 yuan Jiamou money, a lot of money in an older version of Zhang notes the market has rarely met, Yang came to us for many years is likely to save money down. Finally, Gumou see conceal the past, but to be honest explanation.
It turned out that the old man home Jiamou bought taro to Yang, Yang personally see the old man put the money directly to the hanging organizer , so they moved evil. Bus station that day, he watched the old man on the bus Yang, then to his home and stole all the money in bags. Gumou home inventory a bit dirty money, a total of more than 7,500 yuan, 1,400 yuan as a change he left, and then another 6100 yuan deposits into the savings. Subsequently, shown with all the stolen money recovered by the police. Yesterday, the police and Yang with the old man's relatives to help him put the money in the bank.








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