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Vanguard promoting environmental protection of life with an empty moon cake box can be changed shopping bag
2010/9/26 2:04:13
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Mid-Autumn Festival as in China after the Chinese New Year the second largest festival , has been much concern and attention of the day and enjoy the full moon , eat moon cake, Reunion , since ancient times are people celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival the primary way . But as in recent years, moon cake luxurious packaging, excessive packaging of the increasingly serious. Although China since 2005 , has issued a " moon cake mandatory national standards " and " restricting excessive packaging General Principles of "and other regulations , prohibits moon cake excessive packaging and tying and other bad behavior, but every year there are still many beautiful the moon cake box as Waste was discarded , and eventually the absence of proper recycling , which leads to a waste of resources and environmental pollution.
Vanguard as a national the retail industry leader in , one of adhere fully retail enterprises as a of production and consumption connected hub advantages , strengthen the whole society environment protection and energy to guide , demonstrate and promote the role , increasing of environmental protection energy saving products the publicity and Marketing efforts. Vanguard each will ask moon cake suppliers in accordance with national standards for moon cake packaging , and strongly advocate use environmentally-friendly recyclable material for packaging. Long-term adherence and actively participate in quality improvement , environmental protection and energy saving the social and ecological environment conducive to cause of Vanguard, hope that through such activities , environmental protection concept for each partner . Since 2007 , China Resources Vanguard every year in Mid-Autumn Festival , held recovery of moon cake boxes the environmental charitable activities , the renewal of products and of environmental protection the actions every year attracts many people to actively participate. This year, Vanguard will be Mid-Autumn Festival before and after the continue to in the country stores carried out Vanguard the fourth recycling moon cake box activities in , 9 23 - September 30 in the China Resources Vanguard all the stores , the customer can be by day cash register a single And 2 sets of moon cake box (limited to carton , tin ) in the customer service department renewal of reusable non-woven fabric .
Environmental protection is both a to each person closely related event , but also a can from the side start little thing , but also a need to long-term adherence carry out the difficult . Vanguard would like to appeal to the entire community to join hands to achieve environmental protection , sustainable development efforts.







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