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Supermarket: bags were significantly reduced
2010/9/16 2:10:13
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journalists in Surrounded by a number of the supermarket checkout counter that , the young family supermarket to buy plastic bags still more , the elderly shopping mostly bring their own bags . In the clothing Kam Street Century Lianhua Supermarket , the reporter a cash register before observed for 15 minutes , there are 26 consumer checkout. Reporter Statistics found that seven of consumers when shopping bought a non-woven fabric , 8 consumers do not bring their own bags have not bought plastic bags, and another 11 customers bring their own bags .
NGS supermarket , the reporter found a similar situation. Reporters asked about the , a purchased plastic bag consumer , he said that generally at the supermarket buy things will with bags, but at that time because of temporary need , home take the bags is not convenient , when asked whether that plastic limit when It were consumers said not aware of specific circumstances.
According to farming the supermarket cashier introduced , since the " plastic limit " effect since the the supermarket to the appropriate introduction of charging mechanism , on plastic bags the implementation of additional charges , and achieved notable results . Relative to the past, everyone want to buy plastic bags now generally of 10 consumers only 2-3 consumers choose to buy plastic bags are generally office workers or students, their fast-paced life , convenience, the elderly generally do not buy plastic bags.






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