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Safety aprons into 10 000
2010/7/9 12:16:40
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ecently, the Lijiang Old Town District Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade carefully designed and manufactured more than 10,000 articles were printed with "safe travel benefits the country", "No tractors, agricultural vehicles manned illegal," "refused to take the vehicle," and so on the words small apron and sent to the area road safety publicity restaurants, schools, rural areas. This is the old town district traffic police brigade innovative advocacy initiatives, traffic safety knowledge to the thousands of families to launch new initiatives.
      Reporter in the interview that city's police district traffic police brigade with small apron and road safety campaigns, to run feast in the restaurant is issued, the kitchen Aunt happy to put a beautiful safety small aprons. Bright colors, eye-catching road safety cue, immediately aroused the guests attending the banquet attention. We have recited cues apron: "Safety trip benefits the country."
      Safety should be ruled by, the traffic police unit sent to school aprons, school canteens, Department staff side apron and says: "Department on such a beautiful aprons for children to make delicious meals, I believe will attract the curiosity of children, traffic safety awareness will be printed in small children's hearts. "
      In the rural market, the country fair of people to get exquisitely safety was very pleased when a small aprons. Many people said happily: "You made the love aprons ah, wearing a small apron and safety information both practical cooking cook three meals a day, every day to remind the family can travel safely, is really great."

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