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Non-woven shopping bag gradually capture the market alternative to plastic shopping bags
2010/7/9 9:02:24
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As people continue to enhance environmental awareness, coupled with the government to promote the sustainable development strategy, starting from the limit order, issued plastic, plastic shopping bags began to withdraw from the market place is to be able to use the non-woven shopping bags again. Especially large-scale supermarkets, chain enterprises have canceled the environment, shopping bag, non woven shopping bag is a green product, tough and durable, attractive appearance, good ventilation, reusable, washable, can screen advertising, the use of long.
      Now ubiquitous non-woven shopping bags on the street figure, the use per person per year with 100 plastic shopping bags, then the country can reduce the more than 1000 a year billion plastic bags to our environment pollution.
      Non-woven shopping bags to replace plastic shopping bags by Zhejiang, mainly by three forces in the promotion of: 1, government advocacy, 2, continue to strengthen the environmental awareness of consumers, this is the most powerful force, 3, to strengthen a sense of corporate social As a responsible corporate, social benefits are an integral part of business, a good sense of social responsibility, more easily accepted by consumers, with the People First impression is that the enterprises an important component of sustainable development. Non-woven bags Material: Non-woven bags non-woven non-woven main material, which uses polymer chips, staple fiber or filament fiber network through a variety of forming methods and the Consolidation of the formation, with and with moisture, breathable, flexible, light weight, not combustion, dissolution, non-toxic non-irritating, anti-wrinkle and strong. Colorful woven bags, woven bags can be printed in various designs, suitable for enterprises as advertising, with the decline in the price of non-woven, non-woven bags, reduced costs, more and more non-woven bags by businesses and consumers.
      Non-woven bags Categories: 1, non-woven bags according to production process is divided into: spunlace non-woven bag, heat sealing non-woven bags, pulp air laid non-woven bags, wet non-woven bag, spunbond Non-woven bags, melt blown non-woven bags, woven bags needle, stitch non-woven bags. 2, according to product use can be divided into: non-woven shopping bags, advertising bags, public bags, storage boxes, cloth wall calendar, non-woven apron, non-woven bags jewelry , pencil case, Non-woven Gift Bag, non woven storage box, non-woven suit covers.

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