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Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, dress up 28 to meet the new face of "Davos"
2010/7/9 11:02:49
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Davos Forum this summer Meijiang convention center in the news attracted a lot of public concern, then, with the city integrated environmental management of the gradual pull the curtain, Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Centre which will improve the environment around it? Has learned from the Hexi District, the area to protect the Summer Davos forum, to improve the living environment to enhance the people-focused, comprehensive start with "a security line, three key areas, 28 roads, 77 communities, a park , 6 special treatment "to focus on the content of the Urban Environmental Rehabilitation Project to raise the overall level of city management, to improve the city environment, urban landscape.
      It is understood, Hexi District, launched the six-round comprehensive remediation tasks: First, focus on doing a half southeast of Central Expressway (Haihe Bridge - Friendship Road), Friendship Road (south-east and a half, Central Expressway - Race Course Road), friendship South (Southeast Expressway semirings - Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Centre) Summer Davos Forum to protect this line of comprehensive treatment, the main road on both sides of the building facades to enhance the reconstruction, repair of buildings 109, 412 thousand square meters, standard air conditioning cover 2977; on the green along the enhanced governance practices of large advertising and plaque for the smooth opening of Summer Davos Forum to provide a good environment for protection. Second is Meijiang, Tianjin Bay and Little Haiti, three key areas comprehensive treatment, including standard advertising plaque, renovation of buildings, removal of all hanging objects, standard air conditioning, and enhance green space and so on both sides of the road. Third, Dongting Road, Little Weidi, Xiangjiang Road, such as 28 roads, 55.64 km along the comprehensive improvement, through the implementation of refurbishment of buildings along the route, the upgrade and plaque removal of all hanging, removal of illegal advertising and covers an area of facilities, standard air conditioning, installation of Air-Condition Cover, configure the garbage bin barrel, the new reform green space, part of the overhead lines into underground roads and other projects to enhance the overall level of road landscape. In addition, flights, garbage transfer stations and other equipment and facilities to transform. Fourth street is the region of 12 to 77 community comprehensive renovation, refurbishment of community buildings, a total of 5960, more than 290 million square meters, including building renovation wall, sealing the window to change the door, the new standard parking spaces, refuse storage containers and bags installation, road reconstruction and drainage reconstruction, enhancing green space transformation and so on. Fifth, to enhance transformation of the Pearl River Park, including reasonable spatial layout, rich in plant species, maintenance pieces facilities, repair transformation Rd, transforming green space 35,200 square meters. Sixth, to carry out six specific management activities, including the comprehensive improvement of residential areas, illegal accounting Road, parking management, project management muck transport Salou, illegal accounting Road business management, environmental health special treatment, special treatment of illegal set advertising.

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