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Of three mainstream of Non-woven Fabric Printing Introduction
2010/7/9 10:50:17
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Non Woven Bag With screen printing process is generally, commonly known as the "silk", which is a lot of manufacturers have been commonly used in the printing process. India are generally artificial, so get out of control process on the color control, but with the fine print customers right product level and environmental protection requirements continue to increase, emergence of many new Non-woven Fabric printing, here we introduce the mainstream of the market categories:
      First, the watermark
      Their use of water-based paste to be printed medium missile is named after, are more common in the textile printing, also known as printing. Printing the paste and water-based adhesive glue bombs to reconcile. Finishing version without the chemical solvent can be directly rinsed with water. It features good color strength, a strong cover and fastness, washing, virtually no odor.
      Second, Gravure
      Processed in this way the finished product is usually called laminating non-woven bags. This process in two steps by first using the traditional gravure printing process will be to the graphic film, and then coating process will be printed with patterns of thin film composite on the Non-woven Fabric. General large area of color patterns printed Non Woven Bag adopt this technology. It features beautifully printed, full use of machine production, short production cycle. Another product has excellent water resistance, durability of the finished product than other processes of Non Woven Bag Production good. There are two kinds of films to choose from light and matt, matt with ground effect! Disadvantage is that there is a conflict with the concept of environmental protection, is difficult due to film degradation.
      Third, thermal transfer
      Thermal transfer printing in the printing is special! The method requires the middle of media, that first graphic printing to thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper and then through the heat transfer equipment will be transferred to the pattern on the Non-woven Fabric . Commonly used in textile printing media is thermal transfer film. The advantage is: beautifully printed version of the level of rich, comparable photos. For small area color image printing. Drawback is the high price of printing costs.

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