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Non-woven Fabric
2010-6-10 16:31:08
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Non woven bag is a kind of green product. It is tough and tensile and has beautiful outlook, good air permeability. Non woven bag can be used many times and washed, and can be printed advertisements, shipping mark and has long using time. Non woven bag is suitable for any companies and industries as advertisement promotion and gifts. Consumers can get a elegant non woven bagat the same time of shopping. The business men can also get invisible advertisement promotion. Non woven bag becomes much more popular in the market.
      Non woven bag treats non-woven fabric as raw material. It is a new generation environmental protection material. It is equipped with many features, such as damp proof, ventilate, soft, light weight. It does not support burning, easy for resolve and doesn’t have poison and pungency. Non-woven fabric also has rich color and reasonable price and can be used many times.
     Non-woven fabric does not have warp and weft, and had conventient clipping and sewing. Because it is light and easy for sizing, it is very popular among hand work fans.
      Non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric which does not need spinning weaving. It is manufactured that prop up directional or random spinning short fiber or filament yarn, and then form fiber net structure, then reinforce through machinery, hot sticking or chemical and other methods. Simply speaking, non-woven fabric is not interweaved or knitted by one and one yarn, and it is sticked fiber together through physical methods. So when you weighing up your cloth, you will discover that it will not draw out any the end of a thread. Non-woven breaks through tradition spinning principle. It is equipped with many advantages, such as short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide application, various raw material sources.
      Non-woven fabric's main applications can be divided into:
      (1) Medical treatment and public health: operating coat, protective clothing, degassing cloth, mask, diaper, women sanitary napkins and so on;
      (2) Home decoration: wall covering fabric, table cloth, bed clothes, bed spread and so on;
      (3) Garment: lining, adhesion lining, flocculus, molding cotton, various synthetic leather backing and so on;
      (4) Industry: filter material, insulating material, cement packaging bags, geotextile, cladding fabric and so on;
      (5) Agriculture: crop protection fabric, raising rice seedings fabric, irrigation fabric, warm keeping curtain and so on;
      (6) Others: space cotton, warm keeping sound insulation materials, oil absorption felt, filter tip, tea bags and so on.

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